====== Save.TV Download Automation ====== **Save.TV Download Automation** is a bunch of perl-code, that automatically downloads series and movies, that were recorded via the online-service **[[https://www.save.tv|Save.TV]]** automatically. It gives you some options to rename the output files, to fit your needs and only download specific series and movies. Also the ad-removal feature of **[[https://www.save.tv|Save.TV]]** is used, so the content is downloaded in the highest available quality, without ads. We try to improve the script, if we find the time to do so. Issues can be reported via the **[[issue-reporting|Report an Issue Form]]** and seen in the **[[issues|Issues-List]]**. Ask your questions on the **[[questions:questions|Questions-Page]]**. (very simple, we look for better solutions) It's free to use, so don't blame us, if something goes wrong :p Find changes for the latest version in the **[[changelog|ChangeLog]]**. ===== Prerequisites ===== In order to use the Save.TV Download Automation, you need to meet the following dependencies. For all the Windows users, we recommend to install **[[http://strawberryperl.com|Strawberry Perl]]** in the latest stable version. * **Account for [[http://www.save.tv|Save.TV]]** * **Running Linux / Windows Installation with PERL** * **Reliable internet connection** * **wget version __1.12__ or above** * **Perl version __5.8.14__ or above** * **Perl module: LWP::UserAgent** * **Perl module: WWW::Mechanize** * **Perl module: Parallel::ForkManager** * **Perl module: Encode::Byte** * **Perl module: utf8** * **Perl module: Getopt::Long** * **Unzipped script in a folder** ===== Documentation ===== * **[[step-by-step|Step by Step Guide for Windows Full PERL]]** * **[[savetvini|save_tv.ini Description]]** ===== Download ===== ==== Latest Version ==== **{{:wiki:save_tv_downloader_latest.zip|Save.TV Download Automation 0.5.1}}** **__Fully portable Windows version__** **[[https://www.dropbox.com/s/mf2dhax8wz45ytx/save_tv_downloader_fullperl_0.5.1.zip?dl=1|DropBox: Save.TV Download Automation Full Perl 0.5.1 (99,18 MB)]]** **__MD5SUM:__ f8998ce786461697fe4c3773e875f340** This version is for Windows usage. It includes a fully portable version of Strawberry-Perl and the downloader scripts. Edit the save_tv.ini file to fit your needs and start the **portableshell.bat** invoke the download script with the following syntax: <code> perl save_tv.pl <options> </code> **WGET** is also included in this package and thus the "resume" feature will be used, if the script shuts down unexpected, or you kill the downloads. **__Mirrors:__** **[[https://www.dropbox.com/s/7q8y53c0ww1qqwp/save_tv_downloader_0.5.1.zip?dl=1|DropBox: Save.TV Download Automation 0.5.1]]** ==== Older Versions ==== **[[download-history|Historical Downloads]]**

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