====== ChangeLogs ====== The latest changes to the script might be documented here. Updates more or less often... ===== Version 0.5.1 ===== * **Fixed replacement of "Tag" in the filename with a number** ===== Version 0.5.0 ===== * **Fixed appearance of division-signs you defined in the save_tv.ini** * **Changed handling of series and movies** ===== Version 0.4.11 ===== * **Fixed Bug with special character " ' " in series and movies** ===== Version 0.4.10 ===== * **Fixed Bug with special character "&" in series and movies** ===== Version 0.4.9 ===== * **Fixed Bug with some special-characters in names of movies and series** ===== Version 0.4.8 ===== * **Released fully portable PERL packed script for Windows** * **Corrected disk-free reading on windows, to avoid errors** ===== Version 0.4.6 ===== * **Added switch to create summary of downloaded files / aborted downloads** * **Added environment variable for Windows compatibility** ===== Version 0.4.3 ===== * **Added switch to force download, without check for free space, filesize or Ad-Free** * **Added support for MAC OS in Perl (perl needs to be installed with required modules)** ===== Version 0.4.2 ===== * **Added usage of Encode::Bytes, for compatibility reasons with PAR-Packer for windows** * **Some minor bug-fixes** ===== Version 0.4.1 ===== * **Added Windows compatibility (NO *.exe, but you can run it on perl in Windows)** * **Added CLI-switch to select the OS (Linux + Windows)** ===== Version 0.3.3 ===== * **Added CLI-switch for specifying, if using XL-Account or not** * **Fixed issue, with using original Save.TV filenames, not reading destination directory anymore** * **Updates help information of the script with new values** ===== Version 0.3.2 ===== * **Implemented option for original filenames from Save.TV** * **Downloads get deleted again after successful download** * **Partially downloaded files get recognized and can be continued** * **Version of the script displayed in help and during script startup** ===== Version 0.3 ===== * **Integrated option to specify Save.TV account type (XXL/Standard)** * **Integrated handling for different Save.TV accounts (XXL/Standard)** * **Exclude specific files, matching RegEx-patterns from being delete on Save.TV** ===== Version 0.2.9 ===== * **Added support for commandline options** * **Added download exclusion for files matching RegEx-pattern** * **Made WGET-command more patient for connection- and datastream-timeouts** * **Integrated option, that a file is never deleted, before local size >= remote size on Save.TV servers** * **Download can not stop, until whole file is fully saved on local drive (except $count is reached, to prevent dead-lock)**

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