[7]   Script errors out due to web-site redesign

ID: 7 Project: save.tv
Severity: Critical Critical Product: Save.TV
Status: New New Version: 0.5.1
Creator: Thomas Created: 01-07-2014 12:23:26
Assigned to: Modified: 01-07-2014 12:23:26
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Initial description
As the german Site of Save.TV has updated its design and structure the script does not work any more. It errors out with:

"Error GETing https://www.save.tv/STV/M/obj/user/usShowVideoArchive.cfm?: Internal Server Error at save_tv.pl line 299"

Now the Address, as it shows in the browser, is:

Changing it this way makes the error dissappear, but the script does not find shws and movies any more.

Please fix!

I suppose others have reported this issue already. If so, just discard the message.

BTW Thanks for creating the script. I love using it.



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3. symptoms 3
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