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 **__Fully portable Windows version__** **__Fully portable Windows version__**
-**[[https://​www.dropbox.com/​s/​mf2dhax8wz45ytx/​save_tv_downloader_fullperl_0.5.1.zip|DropBox:​ Save.TV Download Automation Full Perl 0.5.1 (99,18 MB)]]**+**[[https://​www.dropbox.com/​s/​mf2dhax8wz45ytx/​save_tv_downloader_fullperl_0.5.1.zip?dl=1|DropBox: Save.TV Download Automation Full Perl 0.5.1 (99,18 MB)]]**
 **__MD5SUM:​__ f8998ce786461697fe4c3773e875f340** **__MD5SUM:​__ f8998ce786461697fe4c3773e875f340**
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 **__Mirrors:​__** **__Mirrors:​__**
-**[[https://​www.dropbox.com/​s/​7q8y53c0ww1qqwp/​save_tv_downloader_0.5.1.zip|DropBox:​ Save.TV Download Automation 0.5.1]]**+**[[https://​www.dropbox.com/​s/​7q8y53c0ww1qqwp/​save_tv_downloader_0.5.1.zip?dl=1|DropBox: Save.TV Download Automation 0.5.1]]**
 ==== Older Versions ==== ==== Older Versions ====
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